Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kentlake Players Playing Club Volleyball

The following Kentlake players are playing club volleyball for local programs this season.

Natalie Berube - KJ 17
Sean Taylor - KJ 15
Miranda Marburger - Puyallup Juniors 16
Marisa Lytle - Puget Sound 16 Regional
Ginger Nason - PCVBA 16 Blue
Sarah Oliphant - PCVBA 16 Blue
Gaby Drllevich - PCVBA 16 Blue
Madison Kyle - PCVBA 18 Blue
Devyn Honbo - Lake Tapps 16 Blue
Tori Hartman - Lake Tapps 15 Orange
Amber Parks - Synergy 16 Purple

If there are other Kentlake players playing for other clubs please let us know.

Search for New Coach

As you probably know, Coach Behrens was relieved of her coaching duties in December. The Kentlake Athletic Director, Bruce Rick, is currently leading the effort to hire a replacement. He is aware of the summer activities and should have a coach in place well before then. Kentlake is desirable position for a volleyball coach and we will hopefully hire a very good coach soon.